Lum’s Last Day

With this game I had two goals: (1) get more comfortable with Twine and (2) flesh out the backstory of a new D&D character I had created. It is set the morning of the day Lum, a centaur druid, leaves home to seek their destiny. It includes an inventory system as well as a hub-and-spoke narrative that updates as the player moves through the space and makes various choices.

Portal 2 – Test Chambers

Portal 2’s Test Chamber editor was a recent discovery so there’s not much to see yet, but I’m enjoying how easy it is to practice thinking with portals.

BioShock Infinite – Nav Aid VO

In an effort to assist players who had gotten lost in the weeds, BioShock Infinite‘s NPC companion Elizabeth would occasionally “nag” the player to remind them of their primary goal. I pitched this system (and implemented it in UE3 Kismet) as a simpler, more durable, and more player-friendly replacement.


A 6-week board game prototyping class at Blizzard, in which we quickly designed and tested a new game each session.

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